Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Living in the Past

I've done a lot of traveling lately. I'd guess I've spent about 100 hours on the road just in the past month. School trips for history's sake, road trips with family, and bus rides to reunite with old friends have made this past month one to remember, and to remember. In all of the traveling, it would appear that for every destination, I haven't been able to avoid that one scenic route we all love to visit: Memory Lane.

It seems longer than I remember. Also, as much as I cherish my return it's a little difficult to drive on. My conservative soul is sensitive and so change can be hard. I really consider myself fortunate to have the experiences I've had and the friends who have come and gone. They make it easy to pass through life wishful that some things will never change.

But oh how they do! It's funny to me how the things I love the most change more often than anything else. I don't know why. Friends move away, family members age, and opportunities to do the things I've wanted seem to slowly disappear. They remind me to take greater advantage of the present, to enjoy the moment, and in that respect, live more fully.