Saturday, August 9, 2008

On Breaking Up With My Seasonal Girl

Lately, I've been getting that feeling that milestones are coming to an end, excitement is in the air, and Dick Clark is just around the corner. So, I've prepared myself to give a New Years kiss goodbye to my seasonal girl.

Summer's way too hot for me anyway. And being so, I know she'd leave me soon. Actually, for once, I'd like to up and leave her. If you ask me, I think she's noticed too... Because she seems to stick around longer nowadays, like the half of certain relationships that wants to feel wanted, that needs to feel needed, and takes it too far to get some attention. So she stays a little longer and a little longer and it's suffocating.

As a man who loves cycles, it does happen to be this time of year that feels most like New Years with its confetti made of falling leaves and textbook receipts. Summer is fun, don't get me wrong. Even when we're doing nothing, I enjoy it but I need a change. I need a change for camp-side moods, coats with hoods, and turkey-pumpkin-winter foods. You know? A change for Starbucks runs, college fun, and Bama football run-and-guns. For things that Summer barely knows and places that she rarely goes... but how do I tell her that?

It's not you, it's me?

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Lindsey said...

How can I say this tactfully...? Upon reading through your blog and thoroughly analyzing it as an intellectual foray into your thoughts and soul, I believe that I can now very comfortably ask you for your hand in marraige. If only things like this really worked..