Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Procrastination...

I'm learning to embrace my procrastination lately and it's a beautiful thing. No more worries of trying to become someone I'm not... No more empty promises to myself of getting work done early... No more wishful thinking that someday this may change... as if my character depended on it.

I am a procrastinator... and so what?

Why is that a bad thing?

Procrastination gives me the freedom and time to nurture my creative side and don't forget about how good I've become at handling pressure. Numerous all-night dates with caffeine and textbooks, not to mention Wikipedia, writing paper after paper have made me one lean, mean, stress-fighting machine. I can handle some pressure.

Laziness is another thing, albeit I can be lazy. If it's for someone else, I'll do it now. That's a matter of reliability and my character does depend upon that.

Even if I did plan out my schedule, in order that I got my work done early, I still wouldn't do anything better with the time I had saved. I'd stay up watching Scrubs or hang out with a friend. Even now, I could be sleeping because I have a meeting at nine. But, when would I ever write this? Would I ever write this? Would I ever write this?

I'm serious, you know? I really do think it's a good thing, this procrastination of mine. It has its good fruit. I think it's somewhat beautiful too, because it's rare, to recognize that aspect of my self and accept it when so many would rather me be rid of it.

And so... My name is Joel Williams... and... I'm a procrastinator. But, you know what? I'm not staying for the meeting.

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