Monday, October 20, 2008

It's the Season for Falling...

So, I recently signed up for eHarmony... and don't hate. I did it for the personality profile. It's a good one, measuring 29 dimensions of compatibility! Anyway, it asked me what three things I'm most thankful for and being my typical indecisive self, I took an hour to decide.

First on my list: Autumn and the change it represents. I know... It sounds so romantic and deep, right? I couldn't help myself. Seriously though? This is my absolute favorite season. I love this season more than any other season, as it flirts with me, seductively blowing that chilly air in my ear... And all week long, I've worn light jackets and sweaters. The past two days? Overcast, little to no rain, and need I say perfect?


It's late but it's finally fall and I feel that I'm falling in love, with life and everything in it. If the environment really does set my mood, maybe I'll just have to move up north again...

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