Saturday, October 25, 2008

So there I was...

I'd have sworn that it was deja vu all over again. After all, it happens every year and Walmart just so happens to be where I buy a lot of groceries. Anyway, a Walmart run isn't a Walmart run unless it's with your friends at 2 AM. It's just better that way. With the Supercenter to ourselves, I took the liberty to do my shopping in one of those 3 mile-per-hour motor carts, with comfy seat and basket. My brother and Daniel could have walked faster but we all tend to shuffle our feet in true slacker form so I kept up well.

My typical routine for shopping involves starting in the back, then working my way forward. So off I rode, on the way, picking up my leg and crossing it as if it really didn't work. There was one moment that I was very tempted to ask a worker to grab something for me off the top shelf... but I chickened out, just laughing at the idea. When I finally reached the back and passed the eggs and juice, I headed for the milk and suddenly without warning, a glimpse of heaven caught my eye! Could it be, so early in the season? I was nearly giddy with excitement and little could contain it. There, behind the hand smudged door to the refrigerator, sat bottle after bottle after bottle of cold, creamy, delicious egg nog!

Needless to say, I bought some... as did my brother and we all drove home happy and excited, reminded of the coming Christmas season.

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